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Today pictures are ubiquitous.  Our smart phones are filled with thousands of candid shots, and social media has a multitude of amateur photographs. The Whitakers have created oils of my daughter for over a decade.  Every masterpiece is a work of art that perfectly captures my daughter’s look and personality.  They are truly gifted artists.

Dr. Shannon Reed

Children grow-up so fast….as a first-time Mom I desperately wanted to capture every precious moment  and discovery with our son Stephen.   Their work is always a real conversation piece in our home and is a timeless piece of art….thanks Whitakers for helping us to remember the beauty of life and how God has blessed us!

Elissa Walker-Campbell

The Carolyn Whitaker of Whitaker Painterly Images has really captured every feature so perfect in their Masterpiece Oil and Watercolor Paintings. I have a painting of each of my four children. They are truly breathtaking and a forever piece of art for our home.

Ashley Lee

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